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Cats love it.
Cat lovers adore it!

IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is a premium quality ultra compact clumping cat litter series of products, guaranteed to meet your every possible demand from a cat litter, and your royal cat's needs!

Choosing IMPERIAL CARE, means you are choosing one of the best cat litters available worldwide. IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is made of saponite (bentonite), a natural clay, with exceptional absorption properties that has the ability to quickly create strong clumps when it comes in contact with liquid. Being ultra-compact, it causes less tracking and less dust. Last but not least, IMPERIAL CARE is extremely effective in odour control every time your cat uses the tray.

This means:

  • The clumps can be picked up much easier, leaving the cat litter tray clean and fresh
  • The litter tray needs change less often
  • You have more time to play with your royal cat

IMPERIAL CARE offers superior absorbency, compared to other premium cat litters and therefore lasts much longer. It is available in four varieties:

  • IMPERIAL CARE White Max Odour Attack, that has a pure white colour and discreet Jasmine aroma combined with a NEW maximum odour control formula for effective odour elimination.
  • IMPERIAL CARE Odour Attack, that acts  dually, offering Fresh Green Garden aroma and an innovative odour-fighting technology for immediate and lasting effects.
  • IMPERIAL CARE Active Silver Ions, that due to its innovative antimicrobial formula eliminates 99.9% of bacteria for a much more hygienic environment.
  • IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma, which is enriched with a discreet and fresh scent that eliminates litter box odours, that ordinary cat litters cannot.

All of the varieties are available in convenient 6L and 10L carton boxes.