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Do you want to make your cat the next CAT OF THE MONTH? Register here and let your precious cat win her IMPERIAL CARE cat litter for a whole month! After registering you will be able to upload images and videos of your cat every month in a matter of seconds by simply logging in.

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  1. As part of the promotion and advertising of its “IMPERIAL CARE” cat litter brand, “GEO HELLAS ANONIMI MELETITIKI METALLEYTIKI AGROTIKI ETAIREIA” (henceforth “GEOHELLAS”), is organizing an online promotional activity entitled “CAT OF THE MONTH”. Individuals may express their interest in participating in the contest over the Internet and by e-mail.
  2. Eligible to participate in this promotional activity/contest are persons who are 18 years of age or older.
  3. GEOHELLAS employees, their first and second degree relatives and their spouses, and individuals devoid of legal capacity are not eligible to participate.
  4. The contest shall commence on April 1st, 2013 (Greece time 00:00:01) and shall be completed on December 31st, 2013 (Greece time 00:00:00). Only applications that are submitted within the aforementioned time frame shall be deemed valid.
  5. Purchasing a product is not a prerequisite for the participation in the contest. All visitors who register on GEOHELLAS website at www.imperial-care.com or are linked to this website via Facebook can, if they wish to, upload a photo or video file of a cat on the website. The photo or video file cannot exceed 2MB. All registered users may submit only one photo or video per calendar month.
  6. By uploading a photo or a video of a cat, contestants warrant to GEOHELLAS that they are the owners of the portrayed cat or that they have received the owner’s permission, and that they are the sole proprietors of the intellectual rights of the photo or the video. Furthermore, by submitting a photo or a video, contestants grant GEOHELLAS a free-of-charge irrevocable permission to use the photo or video for the purposes of this promotional activity as well as any future ones held by GEOHELLAS. 
  7. GEOHELLAS reserves the right to exclude any contestant from the promotional activity, if GEOHELLAS becomes aware that the said individual is not the owner of the portrayed cat and/or has not received the owner’s permission and/or is not the sole proprietor of the intellectual rights of the photo or the video they uploaded.
  8. The photos and videos of the cats that are uploaded on the website at www.imperial-care.com as per the above shall undergo a voting procedure, which will be open to all visitors of the webpage who can vote for the photos or the videos they prefer through an online voting process. Every user can only vote once as many cats as they wish, casting one (1) to five (5) votes to every photograph or video. The sum of the votes shall be updated automatically every time a visitor votes and shall be visible next to every photo and video for the entire duration of this promotional activity.
  9. The winning cat will be the one whose photo or video will have raised the most votes by the end of the last calendar day (Greece time) of each calendar month. The winner cat will be declared “CAT OF THE MONTH” and the participant who submitted the pertinent photo or video will be entitled to a free ten-liter package of Imperial Care Baby Powder or SilverIons by GEOHELLAS, at the company’s discretion. In case of a tie, winners will be declared all those with the same number of votes, and all shall receive the aforementioned gift.
  10. The gift is personal, cannot be transferred and cannot be exchanged with cash or other gifts.
  11. Winners will automatically be notified via e-mail in the e-mail address they submitted when they registered on the website at www.imperial-care.com or through Facebook. GEOHELLAS shall e-mail them the process to receive their gift, and the gifts shall be delivered to the postal address they submitted when they registered on the website at www.imperial-care.com. If the gifts fail to be delivered to their respective beneficiaries by January 31st, 2014, for reasons not attributable to GEOHELLAS, beneficiaries shall automatically and definitively forfeit their right on the gift, and GEOHELLAS shall be freed from any and all responsibility therefrom. At its absolute discretion, GEOHELLAS reserves the right to proceed to the cancellation of the undelivered gifts or their disposal by any means and/or freely.
  12. For further information on the contest, participants may call the GEOHELLAS helpline on +30 210 9485 830.
  13. GEOHELLAS reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend or reduce, at its absolute discretion, the time span of this promotional activity, to replace the offered gifts with other gifts of equal value during the promotional activity without further notice, as well as to revise the participation terms and dates and/or cancel the promotional activity by means of an announcement on the webpage at www.imperial-care.com. GEOHELLAS reserves the right to annul specific participations so that certain contestants are not included in the contest when, amongst others, the photos or videos uploaded are offensive to the image of the organizers or to the established customs etc. Winners must act according to law and fair trade practices. GEOHELLAS’ liability ceases after the termination of the promotional activity. GEOHELLAS assumes no further liability or responsibility towards the contestants.
  14. Contestants neither possess nor obtain any right whatsoever on the trademarks, brands, signs, logos and other insignia of GEOHELLAS and its products.
  15. Interested parties shall use their own private technical means to access the Internet and submit their application to participate in this promotional activity. GEOHELLAS undertakes no obligation whatsoever to ensure or support access to Internet sites nor to facilitate the interested parties by any means. Access to the website of the contest is only allowed under the terms of operation of the local server, as well as the technical and other conditions and specifications of the contest. In addition, GEOHELLAS bears no responsibility for any financial expenses made by the contestants-users incurred as a result of the above.
  16. Participation in the contest entails the contestants’ explicit and unreserved consent to the inclusion of their personal data in a file retained by GEOHELLAS for the purposes of this promotional activity, in accordance to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 as in force, as well as other promotional purposes, namely further marketing activities. By participating in the contest, contestants consent to receiving updates for new promotional activities from GEOHELLAS via e-mail and/or SMS; such information shall be addressed to the contact details they submitted upon  their registration. All contestants reserve the right to request that their personal details be deleted from the aforementioned file after the expiration of this promotional activity by sending such a notification at 8A Pendelis Rd, GR175 64 Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece or by calling on +30 210 9485 830.
  17. Contestants consent to, and authorize the organizing companies to broadcast the contest and/or its results on the radio, the printed or electronic press and/or the INTERNET. Thus, the organizing companies reserve the right to use and publish for promotional purposes the list of winners, pictures, films and videos, and possibly use any news item relevant to the awarding of the gifts. Participation in this promotional activity grants automatically consent to the above and assigns the necessary intellectual rights free of charge.
  18. Participation in the contest presupposes the unreserved acceptance of the participation terms and entails the consequent waiver from any relevant claim towards GEOHELLAS and its agents.
  19. These detailed participation terms for the contest are posted on www.imperial-care.com.
  20. This promotional activity is governed by the Greek Law. The courts of Athens have the exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising out of this promotional activity mentioned herewith.