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  1. 1. Why should I choose IMPERIAL CARE cat litter?

    If you want your loving cat to feel like royalty, then IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is an ideal choice! Not only because it is an ultra-compact clumping cat litter characterized by superior absorbency, but also because it is one of the best premium quality products worldwide.

    IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is a natural product in a practical package that forms quickly strong clumps and as a result it causes less tracking and less dust. This means you can pick up the clumps much easier and safer and you have more time to play with your loving cat!

  2. 2. Why should I choose IMPERIAL CARE White Max Odour Attack cat litter?

    Because you want a pure white colour and super fresh cat litter. The NEW White Max Odour Attack is super-absorbent, ultra-compact clumping with extra odour-fighting molecules that efficiently eliminate bad odours giving out only the delicate freshness of Jasmine aroma.

  3. 3. Why should I choose IMPERIAL CARE Silver Ions cat litter?

    You have one thing less to worry about when it comes to your cat’s hygiene; bacteria! 
    IMPERIAL CARE Silver Ions cat litter guarantees a much more hygienic environment for you and your cat. Bacteria are formed in the used cat litter. Our antimicrobial formula with Silver Ions eliminates 99,9% of the bacteria that normally appear in used cat litter, by attacking bacteria, breaking into their core and inhibiting their growth, thus offering superior odour control. It is also ultra-compact and forms quickly strong clumps and as a result it causes less tracking and less dust.

  4. 4. Why should I choose IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma cat litter?

    Because your precious cat deserves to feel like royalty and enjoy a clean and fragrant tray! And if you also desire a discreet, fresh scent in your house, IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma is perfect for both of you. It is enriched with a sweet Baby Powder special formula aroma, which neutralizes cat litter box odour that ordinary scoopable clumping cat litters cannot. IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma is an ultra compact premium clumping cat litter that forms strong clump and makes the cleaning process of the tray, a piece of cake for you. It also, causes less tracking and less dust, something that both you and your royal cat will love.

  5. 5. Why should I choose IMPERIAL CARE Odout Attack cat litter?

    Because nothing compares to an odour free litter box. This result, which is immediate and lasting, along with its ultra-compact clumping characteristics, make Odour Attack the ideal cat litter for in-house trays and sensitive noses. Enjoy a Fresh Garden Aroma and the certainty that you are offering your cat only the best.

  6. 6. Where is IMPERIAL CARE produced?

    IMPERIAL CARE is produced in Greece by Geohellas S.A., an innovative technical clays company, which in addition to industrial products, specializes in the production of premium quality clay cat litter. Geohellas is always in the front line of technological improvements to guarantee and provide the best care for your pets. Using selectively mined, excellent quality attapulgite and saponite clays, Geohellas guarantees the development of top quality products and provides a variety of premium quality clay cat litters, which are natural and most effective for cats.

  7. 7. How to use IMPERIAL CARE cat litter?

    Using IMPERIAL CARE is very easy:


    • Fill the tray with 5cm of cat litter.

    • Scoop out only the clumps in a daily basis, while the rest of the cat litter remains fresh and clean.

    • Remember to add IMPERIAL CARE each time you scoop to maintain the 5cm.

    • Empty the whole tray once a month to wash it.

    • Dry it thoroughly before refilling it with IMPERIAL CARE.

    • Do not dispose cat litter in the toilet, due to danger of blockage. We recommend disposing the used cat litter solid waste only in the trash.

  8. 8. How absorbent is IMPERIAL CARE cat litter?

    IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is highly absorbent, as it absorbs 450% of its weight, while other products in its category absorb a maximum of 300-350%. The absorbency capacity defines the maximum liquid intake of a cat litter. Thus, IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is a super absorbent product leading its category, at a very good price compared to other premium brands. A combination that you and your cat will love!

  9. 9. Where should the IMPERIAL CARE cat litter be stored?

    Would you like to defecate in an open-view place, or eat right next to your toilet? Of course not! So, why would your royal cat like it? Place the tray in a convenient area that offers as much privacy for your cat as possible and avoid putting its food next to it, as no one likes to eat next to their toilet, remember? Avoid noisy places, such as laundry rooms, because cats are afraid of the noise. Be certain to keep the box in a dry and well-ventilated area. This is very important, because if clumping cat litter comes in contact with water, clumps will form and it will lose its efficiency. Keep the cat litter box away from humid places like bathrooms or basements and always remember to keep the top of the package box closed in order to prevent lumping.

  10. 10. How often is it necessary to take the clumps out of the tray?

    By nature, cats are very tidy and clean animals. If you want to keep your cat very happy you should take the clumps out of the tray daily. If not daily, be sure to do it every second day! Otherwise, you may end up cleaning your cat’s feces from every single part of your house. And remember: every time you take out the clumps you should refill in order to ensure the tray is filled with 5 cm of IMPERIAL CARE cat litter.

  11. 11. How often should I change IMPERIAL CARE cat litter?

    Are you tired of changing your beloved cat’s litter too often and pay a small fortune in products that don’t last much? IMPERIAL CARE cat litter has the solution, as it is ultra compact clumping and also has an extremely high absorbing capacity (450%) that makes the cat litter long-lasting. This means, you should replace all quantity in the tray nearly once a month. However, this recommendation is valid for one cat only. If you have two or more cats in your household, replace the whole cat litter more often and make sure the tray always stays clean.

  12. 12. Where can I buy IMPERIAL CARE cat litter products?

    IMPERIAL CARE cat litter is a specialized premium brand, and it is only found in pet stores and vet clinics.