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Tips that will help you understand your cat's world even more.

  1. 1. How many cats should use a tray?

    As a general rule, you need to remember: no more than two cats per tray! If you can, it is better to have one spare cat litter box than the number of cats you have in your house. However, some cats are a bit selfish and want the whole tray just for themselves.

  2. 2. Is it okay to mix IMPERIAL CARE cat litter with other cat litters?

    Avoid mixing IMPERIAL CARE cat litter with other products, to prevent it from losing its effectiveness.

  3. 3. How should a cat be trained to use the tray?

    Your cat is a Queen or a King and as such, it is by nature an extremely clean animal. This means that is very easy to teach your kitten to defecate in the tray. Taking your kitten to the tray just for a few times, is all it takes to accomplish having a trained and clean kitten once and for all. However, accidents may happen. In the case of a “mistake”, avoid punishing your cat, as it will have no result. Just quickly clean up the “accident” so that no odour is left, which will prevent further mistakes from occurring.

  4. 4. How should one switch from one cat litter to another?

    If you have recently switched your cat’s litter, it is absolutely normal for your cat to need a little time to adjust. You can follow two steps in order to make the transition easier:

    • Mix two parts of the old cat litter to one part of the new one (you can try IMPERIAL CARE SILVER ION or IMPERIAL CARE BABY POWDER AROMA cat litter) for the first week. After that time, empty the whole tray and refill with only the new cat litter.
    • Sprinkle a thin layer of the new cat litter on top of the old one. Once your royal cat has adjusted, empty the tray completely and refill with IMPERIAL CARE cat litter.
  5. 5. I’m pregnant. Is it okay for me to handle used cat litter?

    Congratulations! However, please note that pregnant women should avoid handling used cat litter, because of “Toxoplasmosis”. “Toxoplasmosis” is a condition caused by a parasite that is found in cat’s feces and could be very harmful. It is characterized by cold or flu-like symptoms.

  6. 6. My “newcomer” kitten is extremely shy. What can I do?

    It is only normal for a new kitten to be shy when it first arrives home since it is a new environment. One thing you could do in order to help it adjust as quickly as possible to its new surroundings is to slowly start exposing it to your house.
    For instance, you may firstly begin by putting it in a small, quiet room. Try not to lose your patience! When it’s ready for affection it will surely come to you!

  7. 7. Why doesn’t my cat use the tray?

    If your cat refuses to use the tray don’t rush to criticize it. This may be the outcome of a number of reasons:

    • If you have recently changed your cat litter. Cats, let alone royal cats, have their habits and they definitely are not keen on adjustments.
    • If there is not enough litter in the tray. In this case you should refill it to the proper amount (5cm).
    • If you don’t scoop out clumps on a daily basis as recommended for clumping products.
    • If you've placed the tray in an open view place or if you are using an open view tray. Your cat may be a bit shy and therefore needs more privacy or even a closed cat litter box.

    Do not forget: No matter what the problem is, try to be patient with your cat and find a solution.

  8. 8. Can I throw the clumps of my cat in the garden?

    There are many different kinds of cat litter. IMPERIAL CARE is a natural product. However, it’s not a good idea to use your cat’s soiled clumps as a fertilizer. It could have undesirable effects, such as attract flies or stench.

  9. 9. My cat is eating the cat litter. What should I do?

    This is a serious issue that requires the attention of your vet. As it is not normal for a cat to eat the cat litter, perhaps your pet is giving you a sign that something is wrong. At any circumstances, your vet should be contacted at once!

  10. 10. Are there any general instructions for premium cat litter use?

    When it comes to premium cat litter use, there are some basic steps that never fail:

    • Fill the tray with 5cm of ultra-compact clumping cat litter.

    • Scoop out the clumps on a daily basis, with the rest of the cat litter remaining fresh and clean.

    • Remember to add premium cat litter each time you scoop, in order to maintain the 5cm needed.

    • Empty the whole cat litter tray once a month to wash it.

    • Dry the tray thoroughly before refilling.